Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Rubidium hydride
      Rubidium fluoride
      Rubidium chloride
      Rubidium bromide
      Rubidium iodide
      Rubidium chlorate
      Rubidium perchlorate
      Rubidium iodate
      Rubidium periodate
      Rubidium monoxide
      Rubidium peroxides
      Rubidium hydroxide
      Rubidium peroxide hydrate
      Rubidium sulphides
      Rubidium sulphate
      Rubidium hydrogen sulphate
      Rubidium persulphate
      Rubidium thiosulphate
      Rubidium dithionate
      Rubidium trithionate
      Rubidium tetrathionate
      Rubidium selenate
      Rubidium tellurates
      Rubidium nitride
      Rubidium hydrazoate
      Rubidium nitrite
      Rubidium nitrate
      Rubidium phosphide
      Rubidium phosphates
      Rubidium carbide
      Rubidium carbonate
      Rubidium hydrogen carbonate
      Rubidium percarbonate
      Rubidium pentaborate
    PDB 1dge-461d

Rubidium phosphates

The three phosphates are prepared by the interaction of phosphoric acid and rubidium hydroxide or carbonate in appropriate proportions. The primary phosphate, RbH2PO4, is acidic in aqueous solution; the other two are alkaline. When heated at 244° C. the primary phosphate loses water, yielding the acid pyrophosphate, Rb2H2P2O7. The secondary phosphate forms a monohy drate, and the normal phosphate a tetrahydrate. On heating the primary salt, the metaphosphate is formed; the secondary salt is converted into the pyrophosphate by heat. In properties the phosphates resemble the corresponding potassium derivatives.

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