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      Rubidium hydrazoate
      Rubidium nitrite
      Rubidium nitrate
      Rubidium phosphide
      Rubidium phosphates
      Rubidium carbide
      Rubidium carbonate
      Rubidium hydrogen carbonate
      Rubidium percarbonate
      Rubidium pentaborate
    PDB 1dge-461d

Rubidium sulphate, Rb2SO4

The Rubidium sulphate, Rb2SO4, forms rhombic crystals isomorphous with those of potassium sulphate, melting at 1074° C., the density at 20° C. being 3.6113, and at 60° C. 3.5943. It exists in two modifications, the transition-point being 657° C. The heat of formation from the elements is 344.68 Cal., and the heat of solution -6.66 Cal. at 15° C. The solubility is given in the appended table:

Solubility of Rubidium Sulphate

Temperature, °C.0102030405060708090100
Grams of Rb2SO4 per 100 g. of water36.442.648.253.558.563.167.471.475.078.781.8

The boiling-point of the saturated solution in contact with excess of sulphate is 103.5° C. at 760 mm. pressure. With aluminium and ferric sulphates it forms well-crystallized alums. It exhibits radioactivity.

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